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  • Wallace-bureau d'étude,conception et réalisation
  • Wallace-bureau d'étude,conception et réalisation
  • Wallace-bureau d'étude,conception et réalisation
  • Wallace-bureau d'étude,conception et réalisation
  • Wallace-bureau d'étude,conception et réalisation
  • Wallace-bureau d'étude,conception et réalisation

Vérin électrique USB - TANGO It is also known colloquially as gushing or squirting, although these are considered to be different phenomena in some research publications. Additionally, the buttocks give an indication of the shape and size of the pelvis, which all mobile porn impacts reproductive capability. Women oriented pornography is sometimes referred to as sex positive pornography. The term sadomasochism is derived from the words sadism and masochism . Oral sex pornography frequently features a person performing fellatio, and less frequently cunnilingus. For circumcised males, on whom the glans is mostly or completely uncovered, this technique creates more cartoon porn comics direct contact between the hand and the glans. There are number of types of sex parties: Swinger party/gathering A swinger party or partner-swapping party is a gathering at which individuals or couples in a committed relationship can engage in sexual activities with others as a recreational celebrity sex videos or social activity. A study of 164 males in Finland from two SM clubs found that 18.2% had engaged in coprophilia; 3% as a sadist, 6.1% as a masochist, and 9.1% as both. 18% of heterosexuals and 17% of homosexuals in the study pool had tried coprophilia, showing no statistically significant difference between heterosexuals and homosexuals. Concerted deployed sexual rejection exercised on the partner can be an aspect of Dominance and Submission as well. Its primary goal is sexual arousal in its audience. The most common type of erotic spanking is administered on the bare buttocks, but can also be combined with bondage, in order to heighten sexual arousal and feelings of helplessness. Boots are seen as the perhaps most fetishistic of all footwear and boots may be the most popular fetish clothing attire. John Stagliano is considered to have started the gonzo pornography genre with his Buttman series of films. In general, BDSM play is usually structured such that it is possible for the consenting partner to withdraw his or her consent during a scene; for example, by using a safeword that was agreed on in advance. et TANGENITO  :

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Des vérins électriques USB , les premiers vérins plug and play !, ces vérins sont pilotés via OSCAR © Lite, logiciel développé par WALLACE, fourni gratuitement, permettant de créer des programmes de mouvement asservi en déplacement et/ou force (avec capteur de force en option), ce produit est utilisé dans :

• Les essais mécaniques (Traction/ compression / Flexion 3 points/ etc.

• L’emmanchement de bague de guidage de haute technologie 
• Test de colle 
• Test de gerbage 
• Test sur emballage 
• Etc.

Avec la mesure de force, chaque courbe Force/déplacement peut-être enregistré dans un format type tableur, avec des paramètres passifs tel le numéro de lot ou l’opérateur en charge de l’essai.
Une réponse simple, extrêmement abordable, pour des contrôles qualités ou des phases de production.

Caractéristiques :

Vérin électrique USB : 

• Traction / Compression 
• Jusqu'à 2500 N 
• Course Jusqu'à 300 mm 
• De 0.01 à 100 mm/min
• Codeur intégré, résolution 10 µm 
• Anti-rotation 
• Fins de course intégrés 
• Fixation : 
     o Bride avant 
     o Chape arrière 





















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